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Welcome to Classic Nevada.  This is your site to order products on, about
or from Nevada. We have books Nevada, Mining and the Old West, CDs containing
images and tales about old mining towns, reprints of long unavailable material such as
Photos and Classic Publications, Vintage & Antique Historical postcards and more.  
We even offer bricks, and soon, Original Door Knobs from the Goldfield Hotel, art
from or inspired by the desert, Woven Aluminum Folkart by the late Slim Sirnes as
well as other Western and Nevada Artists..  We've designed a very user friendly store
for you to see all of the great items we have available.  More items and book titles are
added all the time, so visit often and check out what's new.
Copies of CDs containing the
JPEG images of
are now available for each of
the years
1865 - 1874
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Nevada Telephone &
Telegraph Phone Books
Goldfield Days
August 3rd, 4th, & 5th 2018

Information on and about Goldfield and the
annual Land Auction is available at:  &
write us at either:
P.O. Box 9818, RENO, Nevada   89507
P.O. Box 5, GOLDFIELD, Nevada 89013
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Booth inside the
Antiques & Treasures
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Nevada 89501
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Nevada Telephone &
Company Phone Books
15 Volumes from
1906 – 1927
ClassicNevada is pleased to
announce the availability of a CD
that contains the complete JPEG
images of 15 assorted years of
the Nevada Telephone &
Telegraph Company Phone
These documents have been
include all of the contents of this
original source material from the
years of 1906, 1907, 1908,
1911, 1912, 1914, 1915, 1916,
1918, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1926
& 1927 (one year had two
printings) and contains the phone
numbers, names, and in some
These documents have been
cases, the address, of all phone
subscribers in the boom towns of
Tonopah, Goldfield, Manhattan &
Rhyolite.   These are invaluable
to researchers, genealogists and
western and mining history
buffs.  Until you can
painstakingly assemble your own
collection of these rare books,
take advantage of our lucky find!  
They were on their way to being
tossed out as old garbage in mid
2007 when an astute collector
saw them.  After saving them
from oblivion, he showed them
to us and agreed to make them
available to you!  He penned the
following dedication that appears
on the CD…

"These telephone directories were
rescued from a trash pile. Their
preservation is dedicated to the
memory of the early residents of
Goldfield who helped make
Nevada what it is today."
L. Wadsworth, January 2008

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to order your copy now!!
Stories of the ART CAR "RECYCLED":
The Aluminum Folk Art Truck Created by Slim Sirnes.
Compiled and Edited by S. Sirnes Artlip  & N. Sirnes.
This is a series of Articles  written by Svein "Slim" Sirnes which appeared
in the Goldfield Gazette, Death Valley News and other central Nevada
Newspaper in which his popular "Slim Sez" article appeared for many
years.  These stories deal with some of the travels and tribulations
encountered by a retired Millwright when he becomes a "woven
aluminum" artist with an Art Truck.  Proceeds from this book are being
used to pay for repairs to the truck that will make it trip worthy once
again.  Please be advised that while Slim wrote a great story, his grammar
and spelling left a lot to be desired.  Only minor changes were made to
the original stories, otherwise, what you see is what he wrote!
Virginia City's
Heritage  CD
Already have the "Goldfield's
Historical Heritage"
Then you might like to add        
"Virginia City's Historical
to your collection.!
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Classic Nevada
The heart of ClassicNevada is the Historic mining
town of Goldfield, Nevada.  Goldfield was, at one
time, the largest city in Nevada with a population of
over 25,000 people.  It is located 180 miles North
of Las Vegas on a two lane paved road that links
Las Vegas to Reno and Northern Nevada to
Southern Nevada.  In December 1902, two
prospectors, Harry Stimler and Billy March found
Gold just West of town.  Goldfield became known
as  “Queen of the Mining Camps” because of its
population, saloons, and other forms of luxury and
“Entertainment” such as gambling and the “ladies of
the evening.”  
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Our Store in GOLDFIELD, Nevada
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