Nevada Telephone & Telegraph Company Phone Books CD
This CD contains the complete JPEG images of 15 assorted years of the
Nevada Telephone & Telegraph Company Phone Books.  These documents
have been scanned in their entirety and include all of the contents of this
original source material from the years of 1906, 1907, 1908, 1911, 1912, 1914,
1915, 1916, 1918, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1926 & 1927 (one year had two printings)
and contains the phone numbers, names, and in some cases, the address, of all
phone subscribers in the boom towns of Tonopah, Goldfield, Manhattan &
Rhyolite.   These are invaluable to researchers, genealogists and western and
mining history buffs.  
Early History of GOLDFIELD NV, T.A. Rickard
This book is a reprint of a series of articles about GOLDFIELD Nevada, written by T. A. Rickard, A.S.M.E. and Editor of the Mining and
Scientific Journal (not to be confused with George “Tex” Rickard the promoter) and originally published as a series of articles between
1908 and 1915.  These articles go into great detail on the early history of
Goldfield and Tonopah Nevada; Chapters include:

- Early History of Goldfield;    - Wingfield and Lockhart;     - Geological Notes;     - Rich Ore and its Moral Effects;     -
Metallurgical Development;     - Automobiles and Gambling;     - Squandering of Gold;     - and a three part series on Goldfield
when T. A. Rickard revisited it in 1915.  

Information includes sketches, and maps of the area as well as details of the mineral makeup of the area; ‘high-grading’; Unions; how
ore is crushed; equipment used in mining; transportation and road repairs; Gambling, Squandered Riches, legalized robbery, assay
values, milling costs (including electricity and water); and Physical descriptions of the area at that time.  There are photos and
sketches that were included in the original publication as well as additional photos and information including a full page Preliminary
Geologic Map of the
Goldfield District by F. L. Ransom, Geologist with the USGS at that time.  Book is 90+ pages, soft cover, limited
edition publication.  This is a fascinating look at gold mining and this area of central Nevada.
Early History of
Goldfield Nevada
Goldfield's Historical Heritage
Compiled by S.A. Sirnes

This CD - Goldfield's Historical Heritage, has many photos and
images (over 300) of Historic
Goldfield, Nevada. Included
are many images of the buildings, sights, and streets of
Goldfield as it was in the early 1900's as well as a few from
the present.

All photos are in JPEG format. The following is a list of some
of the images and information is as follows:
- A Short History of Goldfield NV
- Guarding $1,000,000 in Gold
- Nye Ormsby Bank Vault, photos showing the
Nelson-Gans fight that took place in Goldfield,
Nevada, in 1906
- The Goldfield Hotel, Waldorf-Astoria c1900
- The Nixon Block and Mining and Stock Exchange
- Goldfield High School built in 1907
- Goldfield Firehouse (then and now)
- Brown Parker Garage
- Goldfield's first Jail
- Old outhouse made from wood & old cyanide cans
- Goldfield NV Bottle House, including construction
- Cemetery pictures and history
- Early Pioneers Final Rest
- Goldfield NV Flood, Sept 19, 1913
- Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad Track after the
Goldfield NV Flood - September 13, 1913
- Old view of Goldfield, NV, some tokens, some stocks, and
MANY, MANY more images. Each image has a caption telling
a little about it where known. Many are beautifully set with the
iconic image of Columbia Mountain in the background.
Goldfield's Historical
Heritage  CD
What started out several years ago as research for a book on Goldfield, Nevada turned into a collection of the publications of the Mining and Scientific Press.  As we did
the research, we found information covering many other subjects that captured our interest.  We began to gather a library of back issues but would sometimes have to
borrow from other sources to complete a project.  We found that issues varied widely in price and availability.  We then determined that there might be others interested in
the publications and that instead of scanning or copying the documents only for ourselves, we could scan them and make them available for other researchers. Each CD
contains one year’s worth of scanned images of the original publications with all images, text and advertisements intact.  Each weekly edition has been reproduced in its
entirety as received, and in some cases shows where damage might have taken place to the original material over the last 100 to 140 years since they were first issued.  
We have compiled these records from a variety of sources by making arrangements to borrow from other collections those issues or pages which were not in our personal
library of back issues.  There are missing pages and in some cases, missing weeks but the lost material is indicated on the information document of every CD.  As we are
able to gain access to lost or currently unavailable data, we will update the CD.  If you have copies of missing or damaged pages or issues, please contact our web site at and we may be able come to an arrangement.  

These documents were individually scanned at high resolutions using the latest technology in order to make them readily available to the researcher.  You don’t have to
dig in dusty antique stores or use gloves in a historical library to touch them.  You don’t need to pay $2 (or more) a page to make poor resolution copies (been there,
done that).  You don’t even need a microfiche reader to access them, just your computer with a way to view JPEG images.  (The program is already installed on most

CDs can be ordered individually or as a set where indicated.  More years will be added as the necessary collecting, sorting, scanning and editing are finished.  These CDs
are full of interesting and entertaining information about the latest discoveries, current ideas and important issues of the day.  BUT REMEMBER, SOME OF THE
TECHNIQUES MENTIONED CAN BE DANGEROUS!!!  These CDs are still an important resource for people interested in researching older scientific methods, genealogical
background, mining camps and rushes as well as the important people of the day.

This project is ongoing and has taken a great many hours to complete and a great deal of time and money to find, buy, borrow, and ship the material in order to produce
these CDs.  While the information on these CDs is no longer under copyright, these newly produced images are!  This means that while you can use the material, images
and information to your hearts content (NO PLAGiERIZING PLEASE!) please don’t make copies of this disk to pass around. Also you will need permission from in order to use them for other than personal research.
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1865
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1866
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1867
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1868
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1869
Mining & Scientific
Press CDs -1865-69
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Nevada Telephone &
Telegraph Phone Books
Mining & Scientific Press
Stories of the ART CAR "RECYCLED": The Aluminum Folk Art Truck Created by Slim Sirnes.
Compiled and Edited by S. Sirnes Artlip  & N. Sirnes.
This is a series of Articles  written by Svein "Slim" Sirnes which appeared in the Goldfield Gazette, Death Valley News and
other central Nevada Newspaper in which his popular "Slim Sez" article appeared for many years.  These stories deal with
some of the travels and tribulations encountered by a retired Millwright when he becomes a "woven aluminum" artist with an
Art Truck.  Proceeds from this book are being used to pay for repairs to the truck that will make it trip worthy once again.  
Please be advised that while Slim wrote a great story, his grammar and spelling left a lot to be desired.  Only minor changes
were made to the original stories, otherwise, what you see is what he wrote!
Slim Sirnes was a motorcycle racer & rider, an inventor, a machinist, a Millwright, and
in later life, a writer, and folk artist.  His work is in several galleries and he won
awards for both his art and his Art Car in several venues across the country.  After his
death in 2005, his Art Truck (which had dropped an engine shortly before his passing)
sat idle for a couple of years in his adopted home town of Goldfield, Nevada.  Now in
the process of restoration, his truck, "RECYCLED" has been on the road again,
entertaining motorists and irritating civic leaders as a rolling reminder to recycle and
reuse irreplaceable resources.
Stories of the Art
Virginia City's
Historical Heritage  CD
Virginia City's Historical Heritage
Compiled by N. Sirnes

This CD - Virginia City's Historical Heritage, has many photos and images (over 300) of Historic
Virginia City, Nevada.
Included are many images of the buildings, sights, and streets of Virginia
as it was in the mid 1800's through the early 1900's, as well as a few from the present.

All photos are in JPEG format. The following is a list of some of the images and information is as
- images of the people of the Comstock, including Sutro, Eilley Orrum, Sandy Bowers and More,
- images of the mines  & miners   
- images of the houses, the city, the mountains and the surrounding area
- a fact filled Powerpoint presentation on Virginia City
- a table of information on locations, production and years of production on the Comstock Mines
- In addition, each image has a caption telling a little about it where known as well as an index to
the pictures.  It is easy to start a slide show of images and to enjoy them all, or just go to the
PowerPoint presentation for a delightful visit to the Comstock and Virginia City's Historical Heritage!
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Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1870
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1871
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1872
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1873
Mining & Scientific
Press CD -1874
Mining & Scientific
Press CDs -1870-74
Desert Beauty 1
Picture CD
Desert Beauty 1 - A
collection of over 300 original
photographs of the
Southwest Desert in Bloom.  
Pictures are in JPEG format
and can be used for
backgrounds, screensavers
or other non-commercial
applications.  Other uses are
allowed with permission, but
you will LOVE these images
by S. Artlip
We have a  Space in GOLDFIELD, Nevada at
Wild Inspirations
home of GOldField ART & Business Services and GemfieldNV Chalcedony Claim
at 306 Crook Street, between the Back of the
Goldfield Hotel and the Front of the Fire Station!